Day 1 - 23 March 2021

Reducing the risks - Nature-based solutions for biodiversity, climate change mitigation and adaptation, water management and extreme weather events.

Welcome - setting out the importance of urban nature-based solutions in Glasgow and Scotland and explaining how they feed into the European Union’s strategy.

Susan Aitken (Leader of Glasgow City Council)

Aileen Campbell (Member of Scottish Parliament)

Innovating with nature-based solutions in our cities 

Marcus Collier 

Big climate challenge – how cities can adapt and innovate using nature-based solutions

Cristian Garcia (Promálaga), Gerardo Gonzalez (BIOAZUL) 

Reducing the risks innovation cafes 

Challenges of Retrofit Surface Water Management in Glasgow James Murray, MGSDP Glasgow City Council  

GrowGreen in Wroclaw, our learning on nature-based solutions Malgorzata Bartyna-Zielinska, Grow Green

A green wall for kids in kindergarten Shushanik Asmaryan, Center for Ecological-Noosphere Studies 

10,000 Raingardens for Scotland Emilie Wadsworth, Green Action Trust  

Malls Mire Community Woodland, Scotland Emma Iller, Urban Roots

What do citizens think about urban environments? Mamuka Gvilava, GIS and RS Consulting Center GeoGraphic

Orchards, agroforestry: how to create urban food forests? Fergus Walker, The Orchard Project

Creative approaches to nature-based solutions, Scotland Gemma Lawrence, Creative Carbon and Hannah Imlach, PHD Student  

Towards a carbon conscious place: The Shetland Islands Laura Hainey, A&DS

UNaLab: urban nature labs Piersaverio Spinnato and Maria Dubovik, UnaLab 

Building natural networks and delivering the deal with stakeholders 

Antonio Prieto Gonzalez (A Coruña City)

Max Hislop (GCV Green Network Partnership)

Mien Quartier (City of Genk)