The fourth UrbanByNature (UbN) China webinar, introduced STEP5/IMPLEMENT of the UbN programme, will zoomed in on the technical aspects of NBS design and delivery. Speakers from Connecting Nature, CLEVER Cities and China  outlined how they went about choosing the most appropriate nature-based solutions. They elaborated on selection criteria they used for comparing different options such as performance, costs, maintenance requirements and site conditions to identify the right interventions for their local contexts and needs. Furthermore, the importance of facilitating the acquisition of technical skills for NBS design and delivery as well as identifying suitable nature-based enterprises for NBS implementation was discussed. With the emerging market sector for NBS, different business models need to be explored and further expanded.  

  • Sophio Konjaria-Christian, CLEVER Cities Project Coordinator, District Council of Harburg, Hamburg, Germany

  • Wu Jie, Deputy Chief Engineer, Guangzhou Urban Planning & Design Research Institute, China

  • Esmee Kooijman, Research Scientist, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland 

  • Isobel Fletcher, Acting CEO, Horizon Nua, Ireland 

  • Wang Dong, Vice-President, Eco-city Design Center, Turenscape Design Institute, China

The webinar was moderated by Youde Tang, Program Manager at ICLEI East Asia Secretariat Beijing Office. Simultaneous translation (English and Chinese) was provided.

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城市与自然共生项目·系列线上培训 #4




  • Sophio Konjaria-Christian, 德国汉堡市哈尔堡区议会“智在城市”项目协调员

  • 吴婕,广州市城市规划勘测设计研究院规划研究中心副总工


  • Isobel Fletcher, Horizon Nua基金会

  • Esmee Kooijman, Horizon Nua基金会

  • 王冬,北京土人城市规划设计股份有限公司生态城市设计中心副院长