Connecting Nature Enterprise Summit  Poznań 2021

Increasing evidence is emerging of the potential of nature as an engine for sustainable economic and jobs growth.

Nature-based enterprises offer really significant potential to deliver on the ambitions of the Green Deal and the EU Recovery Plan.”

- John Bell, Director, Healthy Planet, European Commission

Nature-Based Enterprises (NBE) use nature as a core element of their product or service offering

  • Nature may be used directly by growing, harnessing, harvesting or restoring natural resources in a sustainable way e.g. green building suppliers, ecosystem restoration organisations. 
  • Nature may be used indirectly by contributing to the planning, delivery or stewardship of sustainable nature-based solutions e.g. landscape architects, smart tech companies providing solutions for monitoring NBS.

Nature-based enterprises support climate change and biodiversity policy and generate benefits for local economies, communities and the wider environment. 

Day 1: 29 June 2021 Growing the Nature-Based Economy

  • Official opening: Welcome from the Mayor of Poznan, our host city in Poland.
  • Community workshops: Led by industry leaders, we invite you to join like-minded practitioners in interactive workshops which feature best practice in the delivery of nature-based solutions. From sustainable agriculture and forestry to green infrastructure and smart technology, come and meet the innovators in our nature-based enterprise communities.
  • High-Level Policy Roundtable: What can policymakers do to realise the potential of nature-based enterprises and the nature-based economy? A panel of policymakers from the EC, World Economic Forum (WEF) and other national/city policy-makers will be joined by researchers and industry leaders to debate the policy recommendations emerging from the EC publication on Nature-Based Economy to be launched at this event.
  • Nature-Based Enterprise Award 2022: We're looking forward to launching our competition for the inaugural Nature-Based Enterprise Award 2022. Details of how to enter will be announced in Poznan.

Day 2: 30 June 2021 Building Back Better 

  • Nature as a Driver of the Global Economy: Led by UrbanByNature, this workshop will look at how local governments around the world are building back better from COVID-19 and harnessing the potential of nature-based enterprises for sustainable urban development.
  • Capacity building programmes for Nature-Based Enterprises: a series of workshops will address common challenges across all thematic areas – from public procurement to scaling of nature-based enterprises, IPR protection and more.

Running both days:

  • Warsztaty w jezyku polskim (Polish language workshops):warsztaty organizowane przez Miasto Poznań będą dotyczyły zagadnień/tematów skierowanych do polskich przedsiębiorstw i organizacji wykorzystujących w swojej działalności błękitno-zieloną infrastrukturę i rozwiązania oparte na przyrodzie (tzw. nature-based solutions, NBS), zainteresowanych wykorzystywaniem i wdrażaniem takich rozwiązań w mieście jak naturalne place zabaw, pływające ogrody, parki kieszonkowe, ogródki działkowe
  • Nature-Based Enterprise Showcase: In our Expo area, meet and connect with our Connecting Nature Enterprise Platform communities and their members. Schedule a series of one to one meetings with NBE's
  • Live Networking: Just like a live event, in the networking sessions you will have a chance to network with other participants. Fun and informative - who knows where these random encounters will take you?

This summit is organised by the Connecting Nature Enterprise Platform, an innovation from the H2020 Connecting Nature project, and proudly hosted by Miasto Poznan - Poznan City Hall. 

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