Day 1: Building Back Better with Nature - 29th June 2021

Welcome - the Nature-based economy in Poland and Europe

Communities of Practice:

Workshop 1NBS for Smart Tech: Community Podcast: Live! Pioneers in Tech-Driven Water Management

Workshop 2 - Water Management: Success stories between NBEs and the public sector - showcasing good practice on NBS for water management

Workshop 3  - Sustainable Agriculture & Food Chain: Investing in the future of food through NBS

Workshop 4  - Cultural and Creative Sector: Exploring the connections between Cultural and Creative Sectors and Nature Based Solutions. Co łączy kulturę i sektor kreatywny z naturą?

Workshop 5Health & Well-being: Nature based solutions for optimising community mental health and social well-being during and beyond COVID-19

Workshop 6Sustainable Forestry: valuing forests as solutions

Workshop 7 - Re-wilding the city. New approaches to land use and urban planning/ Ponowne ożywienie miasta. Nowe podejście do użytkowania gruntów i planowania miejskiego

Workshop 8 - Green Buildings: Public sector and nature-based enterprises (NBEs) – A match made in heaven for greening up our cities?

Workshop 9 - Urban Landscapes: Nature-based solutions: A systemic approach towards urban landscape - from disrupting towards harmony

Workshop 10 - Sustainable Tourism: Boosting Biodiversity via Sustainable Accommodation: Lessons from Industry Leaders on Incorporating Nature-Based Solutions in Tourism Accommodations

Workshop 11 - Community Engagement: Building back better – placing communities at the heart of the post pandemic recovery

Policy Dialogue: Realising the potential of the nature-based economy

Policy Dialogues Introduction: Leonore Gewessler

Pitch your nature–based enterprise!

Day 2: Growing the Nature-Based Economy 30th June 2021

Naturalne place zabaw w przestrzeni publicznej/ Natural Playgrounds in Public Space

Horizon Europe Brokerage Event Funding Calls for Nature-Based Solutions

Capacity Building Sessions:

Session 1 - Including NBS in public tenders: FAQ for NBEs and public authorities

Session 2 - The Importance of Intellectual Property (IP) for SME’s 

Session 3 - Financing NBS and NBEs

Session 4 - Powerful evidence for nature-based solutions: identifying opportunities for NBS impact assessment

Session 5 - Growing your nature-based enterprise

Session 6 - Turning Over a New Leaf: Using Arts-Based Approaches to transform Nature-Based Solutions

Session 7 - Zysk i odpowiedzialność – zachowanie równowagi w gospodarce opartej na przyrodzie/ Profit and responsibility - striking the right balance in the nature-based economy

Session 8How to unlock nature-based solutions implementation in Brazil: discussing public procurement of NBS with cities and enterprises

Pitch your nature–based enterprise!

Closing Remarks