Designing and implementing nature-based solutions on a scale that delivers economic, environmental and social co-benefits, builds resilience and benefits biodiversity is complex with many different issues to consider: What is the best solution for the area? Who will manage it? How will it be financed? Who needs to be involved in the design, implementation and maintenance? How to measure economic, environmental and social impact? Will it support innovation and generate jobs? How to manage change? Even identifying where to start can often be a challenge!

In response to this uncertainty, Connecting Nature has developed a process tool to help cities and other organisations navigate the path towards the large scale implementation of nature-based solutions. The Connecting Nature Framework places the nature-based solution at the core of an interactive process. The process runs through three distinct phases of development for a nature-based solution: planning, delivery and stewardship. Throughout each phase there are seven separate elements that cities and other entities need to consider to help them shape their individual nature-based solution: 

  1. Technical solutions
  2. Governance
  3. Financing and business models
  4. Nature-based enterprises
  5. Co-production 
  6. Impact assessment
  7. Reflexive monitoring

Cities can choose to start with any element of the Framework process and consider the others in the order that suits their context. What emerges from the framework process is a comprehensive 360° overview of each stage of development of the nature-based solution.

Connecting Nature Framework

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Connecting Nature Framework guidebook 

Connecting Nature has developed an introductory guidebook to the overall Connecting Nature Framework and a series on each of the individual elements to assist you develop your nature-based solution. 

Download the Connecting Nature Framework Guidebook

Download the Bosnian version of the Connecting Nature Framework Guidebook

The Connecting Nature Front Runner Cities have completed draft reports on how they used the Framework to impliment their nature-based solution.  Final reports will be available in spring 2022.



Through this facilitated expertise-sharing and capacity-building programme, local governments all around the world are being empowered to harness the boundless potential of nature for sustainable urban development.

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