Population - 112,000

Ioannina lies at an elevation of approximately 500 metres above sea level, on the western shore of lake Pamvotis.

With coastline to the west and mountain to the east, Ioannina is an architectural delight with influences from Byzantine, Greek and the Ottoman empires.

Connecting Nature Partner – Municipality of Ioannina

Contact: Georgios Antoniou - gio.antoniou@gmail.com


Poor quality of the lake.

High levels of unemployment and poverty.

Heat stress and water challenges.


A clean and green lake-front.

Greater levels of green-focused employment.


5 years’ time

Affection and love for place through increasing green spaces.

Stronger connection with the water and lake area based on a cleaner waterway.


10 years’ time

Green-tech innovation is being embedded into action based learning for young children.