Population - 244,000

A Coruña is a busy seaside port located in the Golfo Ártabro, on the Atlantic Ocean.

The city has a diverse economy ranging from port activities to tourism and houses the headquarters of several major multi-nationals.

The city is built on over two thousand years of architectural heritage on a popular beach-front.

Connecting Nature Partner – A Coruña 

Contact: Maria Garcia Gomez - mg.gomez@coruna.es


Lack of biodiversity in the city centre.

Heat stress due to the intensity of development and lack of vegetation.

Pressure for urban waste management.


Introducing alternative forms of transport will free up more space for green areas.

Green infrastructure that is compatible with cultural heritage and will have a positive impact on tourism.


5 years’ time

Environmental education through low-barrier initiatives such as bee hives.

Opening the street for pedestrians and greener surfaces.


10 years’ time

Gardening forms a basic part of primary education.

Cars replaced by trees on streets.

A softer, slower mobility system that does not conflict with both heritage or tourism.


15 years’ time

A new integrated lifestyle based not only around ecosystems but also around mobility, urban planning and health.

The community, through collected memory, has been able to claim ownership of the greening process of their city.

Development of a local economy connected to nature-based solutions strategy.

Celebration of change and clear indication of positive impact of nature-based solutions in the city over the following two decades.



15th July 2018, Transfroming Cities - https://bit.ly/2PkQ8yL