Explore how far your city has already come in strengthening urban nature and identify how to lift the barriers to integrating more nature into your city.


Step 2 

Consider your local urban fabric, its particularities and challenges. Explore and identify existing strategic objectives within your city, relevant urban policies and plans in place to see where your city or town is starting from and understand what might be possible in terms of space, decision-making and engagement. We support you in understanding current roles and responsibilities of local urban actors. Learn how to better identify opportunities to make your city more resilient and spot opportunities for creative investment!



Take part in our series of webinars! Each module targets a different topic along an integrated planning process with the aim of assessing the relevant context, barriers and enablers. The webinars in Step 2 help navigate how to map existing policies, plans and regulations, identify gaps in approaches and instruments used and understand cities’ and towns’ needs. The webinars also assist you in getting an overview of the actors shaping urban nature in your context, tapping into the existing potential of co-creating green and blue spaces with citizens, analysing urban spatial conditions and locating financing schemes and business model opportunities.