photo credit Richard Heald

The third UrbanByNature (UbN) China webinar proceeded to STEP3/PRIORITISE of the UbN programme. The webinar provided insights into the importance of stakeholder engagement in the planning of nature-based solutions. Speakers from Connecting Nature, CLEVER Cities and China shared their experiences in working with citizens and other stakeholder groups. They presented different approaches and methods of stakeholder engagement and showcased how they have been applied in practice to create more resilient, livable and equitable urban neighborhoods with the help of NBS.

The speakers for this webinar were:

  • Carien van der Have, Researcher & Advisor, DRIFT, The Netherlands

  • Shao Zhifang, Deputy Director of Landscape Division, Urban Administration and Law Enforcement Bureau of Shenzhen Municipality, China

  • Israa Mahmoud, Post-Doc Research Fellow and CLEVER Cities Research Leader, Politecnico di Milano, Italy

  • Chen Mingkun, Director of Chengdu Park City Construction and Development Institute, Professor-level Senior Engineer, National Registered Urban Planner, China

The webinar was moderated by Youde Tang, Program Manager at ICLEI East Asia Secretariat Beijing Office and simultaneously translation in English and Chinese was provided.

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  • Carien van der Have, DRIFT, The Netherlands

  • 邵志芳,深圳市城市管理和综合执法局园林处副处长

  • Israa Mahmoud, 博士后研究员、“智在城市”研究负责人,意大利米兰理工学院

  • 陈明坤,成都市公园城市建设发展研究院院长、教授级高级工程师、国家注册城市规划师