A Corona, Spain

Join us in A Corona on November 24, 2021

Connecting Nature Workshop

Description of the KT workshop:  On November 24th, we will be running one-day Sarajevo Process for CN partners and participants beyond CN.  This session will provide participants with an opportunity to experience this innovative co-production process.  The Sarajevo Process is a co-creative, arts-based engagement process developed within the Connecting Nature project. Its name reflects its co-creative character as it was piloted and tested in Sarajevo in March 2020. It was then taken to Nicosia where it went through a similar co-creative process and was delivered in September 2020. The nature of co-creation has meant that each time, it was developed in collaboration with the cities, to suit the needs, and engage with the nature of each city.

“My favourite tree was this pomegranate tree in the picture, I loved it, and the fruit, with its sweet and delicious flavours, made for an outstanding summer.  I felt free there, it brought me peace and happiness, I loved the sound of birds, the        hummingbirds with its many colours that came to visit…”


 – memory text

The Sarajevo process uses a number of methods – memory work, immersion in nature, embodied reflection, eco-therapy, and body mapping – to help capture our lived experiences and build our stories in and with nature.  The process is designed to establish or re-establish connections with nature within cities.  As each of the cities within the Connecting Nature project work towards their own Nature-based solution exemplars, the process aims to revitalise connections to nature and provide a useful tool for engagement. Part of the process has also been tested in an online format, to respond to the current circumstances and consider the role of nature during the time of Covid-19.  The process invites creative encounters with the past, present and future, providing space for imaginative and innovative storytelling by the participants themselves.

For this session, the process is designed around a shared experience that all participants will have had some part of (i.e., COVID-19). Participants will be facilitated through the key elements that comprise the process.  Together, we will build a shared narrative/story reflecting on our experiences of COVID-19 and nature’s role during this moment in time. 

What to bring for the workshop

We ask that all participants bring a photograph that holds meaning and which represents something of nature – the photograph can be of the recent past, or further back; it is up to each participant to bring with them a photograph that they can use for the memory text exercise.

Leading up to the workshop, we will send out information for a webinar to provide you with an overview of The Sarajevo Process.  The webinar will take place the week of November 15th.

We will cover the steps and methods in the process, as well as give you an indication of the kinds of items you should bring with you to A Coruna (i.e., clothes for weather, COVID-19 regulations and requirements).

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Participation in the workshop will be free of charge; however non-project partners and participants will need to cover their travel and accommodation costs.