Piazza S. Stefano, Bologna

"Pollution" the environmental installation by the Architect Mario Cuccinella for CERSAI Exhibition and the Bologna Design Week

Next Friday, a new stand of trees will upset the profile of Piazza Santo Stefano: about forty oaks from 23rd to 30th September - on the occasion of Cersaie Exhibition (International Exhibition of Ceramic Tile and Bathroom Furnishings) and the Bologna Design Week - will create a striking backdrop to theatrical and musical performances.

The installation is by the Architect Mario Cuccinella with its SOS School of Sustainability, for IRIS Ceramica Group, and resume the performance "Pollution, for a new aesthetics of pollution" that in 1972 brought a group of 25 artists to redesign one of the most beautiful squares in Bologna. In the 1972 that peaceful protest was strongly desired by the founder of IRIS, Romano Minozzi, who wanted to press consciences on "green" topics, not yet popular at the time. Already in those years the property had a clear vision on the relationship between industrial production and pollution. A vision that has remained in the company's DNA and today, after almost 50 years, has transformed this problem into an opportunity not only economic but also environmental.

Today "Pollution 2018 - RefleAction" proposes a new reconciliation between people and nature, intertwining art, architecture and design. The working group has drawn a path that, starting from the complaint that characterized the first edition, unfolds in search of new tools that allow a responsible, shared and participatory use of urban space, where to reconstruct the link between people and nature.

During the presentation of Pollution, Federica Minozzi, CEO of Iris Ceramica Group, underlined how important it is "not to be afraid of change but to seek change".

Why in Bologna? Pollution 2018 takes place in Bologna, a city that stands out for its adoption of policies and measures for the creation of sustainable urban environments.

You can follow Pollution 2018 on the dedicated website: https://pollution.irisceramicagroup.com/en/