Bonn, Germany

To celebrate 10 years of experience and expertise-building in supporting cities thrive in face of challenges, this anniversary edition will present a 360° view on urban resilience: Pathways towards implementing resilience; Innovation in the realm of urban resilience; and Building cohesive, healthy and resilient communities.

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Connecting Nature will participate in the European Session in Resilient Cities 2019, June 26th 2019, Bonn:

"Can’t see the forest for the trees? City experience meets integrated planning for resilience, with launch of the global UrbanByNature programme."
The session will bring together firsthand municipal experience with imaginative reflections on the value of an integrated, cyclical planning and management approach to building more sustainable and resilient cities.A fundamental basis of the international standard ‘Sustainable development in communities – Management System for Sustainable Development’ (ISO 37101) is the concept of a series of interlinked, iterative phases optimising planning and implementation processes. In this session, speakers from local authorities will tell their stories of adapting to climate and building resilience in the context of the integrated management cycle. The session will end with the launch of the global UrbanByNature Programme.

As part of the session, the Connecting Nature Front-Runner city of Glasgow is invited to consider their planning strategy in relation to the integrated management approach towards planning and implementation of adaptation measures.

The session will end with the global launch of the UrbanByNature programme, developed through the Connecting Nature project by ICLEI Europe and DRIFT. This unique programme will bring aspiring urban nature pioneers together in facilitated capacity-building webinars and workshops in four regional hubs (Brazil, the Caucasus, China and Korea) over a year, enabling participants from local governments to develop a nature-based action plan through an integrated planning approach. UrbanByNature is hosted by CitiesWithNature, an initiative by ICLEI, The Nature Conservancy and International Union for Nature Conservation, which recognises and enhances the value of nature in and around cities across the world.