OSMOS provides planning services for communities that want to engage in the place-based economy. We help community partners – local administrations, civil society organisations, elected officials, members of a local business community – to apply system thinking in order to develop a common vision of what a local sustainable economy could look like in their specific socio-economic, geographical and cultural context. We also give advice on the strategies that will be necessary to transition towards a place-based economic system that puts community values and healthy ecosystems at the top of its agenda.

Key challenges: 
Economic development and decent employment (SDG 8)
Environmental quality, including air quality and waste management
Inclusive and effective governance (SDG 16)
Urban settings: 
Derelict areas
Green areas for water management
Grey infrastructure with green features

Stephan Kampelmann; stephan@osmosnetwork.com


“We recommend OSMOS as a partner with a unique approach to vision creation, stakeholder based challenges and local economies”

Barbara Dewulf 

Adjoint director general

Bruxelles Environnement