Oppla case studies

  • Rainwater management of a 172ha area in response to a waterproofing construction

This NBS is a construction ex nihilo of a landscaped park as alternative stormwater
management solution to a traditionnal civil engineering management (tubes). It takes
place in a 172ha area in the city of Bézannes (Reims Métropole). This project has been
implemented in response to the waterproofing of this area (strong urbanisation level).

The project...

Offering collaborative design processes for the design of individual homes.

  • River bank renaturation and stabilization through live staking and vegetated dikes

  • Riparian afforestation

  • Phytodepuration basins

  • ​Zero-energy flood retention system (no pumping needed)

The project consists of the implementation of two rolling basins connected by an open air ditch and a pond filled with ground water. The basins will be...

Assessing the co-beneficiary management of seagrass ecosystems for Blue Carbon around the Balearic Islands. Blue Carbon is the term used to refer to the carbon captured and stored by coastal ecosystems, including mangrove forests, tidal saltmarshes and seagrass meadows.

  • Increasing carbon sequestration through nature-based solutions
  • Enhancing sustainable urbanization
  • Developing climate change mitigation

The studio led by Italian architect Stefano Boeri came up with the concept of Bosco Verticale, or Vertical Forest, as a way to combine high-density residential development with tree planting in city centres.

Vertical Forest is a model for a sustainable residential building, a project for metropolitan reforestation...

Exploring the vision for a former sulphur mine in the context of common land ownership and management in Manziana Region.

Identifying the ecosystem services and their connections to biological diversity and forest ecosystem functioning, to support local communities and their traditional activities.

Assessing how the ecosystem service approach can be used to demonstrate problems in protected areas such as rural abandonment, land-use intensification and social conflicts emerging from strict conservation practices.

Enhancing conservation of biodiversity, sustainable management and the utilisation of forest resources by addressing ecosystem services that are central to local livelihoods.

The Park 500 Natural Treatment System (NTS) was constructed as a voluntary effort to provide a low-energy, low-maintenance alternative to reducing nitrogen and phosphorus in the process’s wastewater, which is high in nitrate-nitrogen, organic nitrogen and total phosphorus.

The project was initiated to reduce the environmental footprint of the tobacco production facility and help Philip Morris USA meet its environmental sustainability goals. The NTS reduces mass loading to the James...

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