23 February 2022
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Connecting Nature Impact Summit Genk 2022

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The Connecting Nature Impact Summit in Genk will bring together a wide range of local, regional and international participants to demonstrate how nature impacts our lives, socially, environmentally, economically and how nature-based solutions can provide a positive impact for urban environments and protect biodiversity.

The event programme is based on three main building blocks of the Connecting Nature Framework:

● 'Thinking with nature' explores the larger scale policy, strategy, planning and theoretical implications under the umbrella theme of Nature Based Solutions. Discussions include the impact of Nature Based Solutions on different policy levels; on the impact on climate resilience; etc.

● 'Building with nature' focuses on translating ideas into action. It looks at the design and development process, from defining a project to the design and development process. The integrated approach needed because of the layered character of Nature Based Solutions has an impact on the organisation of a cities administration.

● 'Living with nature' is about the governance, communities and stewardship of nature and natural environments. It is about the impact of Nature Based Solutions on the neighbourhoods and citizens involved. It will particularly offer community leaders to look at the longer-term care and management.

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