21 December 2021
Martin Atkin GCCA
“The ideal nature-based solution uses a comprehensive co-design and co-creation of ideas process, with strong innovation possibilities, leading to multiple ecological, environmental and social gains. It is a big task, but this approach will ultimately change the way we make and manage our urban areas, and lead to more resilient and sustainable urban living.” Connecting Nature’s Technical Lead Dr Stuart Connop.

There’s a sense that - although the idea of working with nature rather than against it is by no means new and has been practised by indigenous peoples for millennia - the time has come to treat nature with more respect if we are to overcome some of our greatest existential threats. But what exactly are nature-based solutions (NbS)? Even the experts can’t always agree on a definition or even what to call them - NbS also include as ecosystem-based adaptation, natural climate solutions, nature-based infrastructure or assisted natural regeneration. But whatever you call it, there’s a growing consensus working with nature - rather than against it - is a global priority......

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