Helix Pflanzen is a pioneer in the development of nature–based solutions creating products such as Green Walls which provide solutions for landscaping, backyards, noise barriers and building facades they also reduce the impact of noise and absorb dust and pollutants.

Key challenges: 
Climate action for adaptation, resilience and mitigation (SDG 13)
Environmental quality, including air quality and waste management
Regeneration, land-use and urban development
Urban settings: 
External building greens
Grey infrastructure with green features

Jonathan Müller: j.muller@helix-pflanzen.de
Sven-Oliver Knabe: s.knabe@helix-pflanzen.de


Judges at the EUGIC Award described the Green Living Room project as having “Great ambition, dealing with a multitude of Green Infrastructure issues” and suggested that “this could be one of the building blocks of future cities in Europe.”

The Helix Green Living Room movie also won gold at the Deauville Green Awards Film Festival 2015.

Silvia Weidenbacher from Verband Region Stuttgart endorsed Helix solutions as “Compelling examples of nature based solutions with inherent multi-purpose benefits. Green walls and green roofs can mitigate the heat stress in cities, they contribute positively to urban biodiversity and they can reduce storm water run-off. Both can be installed in the densely build environment and thus contribute effectively to urban resilience.”

Case studies

Innovative multifunctional green urban space on heavily sealed surfaces of an inner city location.

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