Day 1 - 23 March 


Session 1 - innovating with nature-based solutions in our cities

Session 2 - Big climate challenge – how cities can adapt and innovate using nature-based solutions

Session 3  - Building natural networks and delivering the deal with stakeholders

Innovation Cafes

Challenges of Retrofit Surface Water Management in Glasgow James Murray, MGSDP Glasgow City Council 

A green wall for kids in kindergarten Shushanik Asmaryan, Center for Ecological-Noosphere Studies 

10,000 Raingardens for Scotland Emilie Wadsworth, Green Action Trust 

Creative approaches to nature-based solutions, Scotland Gemma Lawrence, Creative Carbon and Hannah Imlach, PHD Student 

UNaLab: urban nature labs Piersaverio Spinnato and Maria Dubovik, UnaLab


Day  2 - 24 MArch    


Session 1 - Naturally smart cities – innovating with data to support nature-based solutions

Session 2 - Where art and business collide: imagining urban nature-based solutions for health and wellbeing

Session 3 - UrbanbyNature capacity-building programme goes westwards – meet the Brazilian hub

Innovation Cafes

From natural playgrounds to floating gardens, Poznań, Poland Natalia Madajczyk, City of Poznan 

Community growing – networks for nature Abi Mordin, Glasgow Community Food Initiative

Glasgow – a National Park City? Dominic Hall, Glasgow National Park City

Creating a metropolitan park in Pavlos Melas Maria Mavroudi, Municipality of Pavlos Melas 


Day  3 - 25 March


Session 2- New green deal – can nature-based solutions aid city recovery?

Session 3 - Accelerating innovation and start-ups in the nature-based economy