Day 1 -Thursday 28th April Streamed sessions

Thinking with Nature - The Innerview Effect. Shifting perspective by rediscovering how life works.

The Connecting Nature Framework for achieving Impact from nature-based solutions (NBS)

Policy for upscaling nature-based solutions - where do we go from here?

Thinking with Nature - Keynote Jan Rotmans, Professor at Erasmus University, Rotterdam

Reflexive Monitoring: an introduction - put into practice!

Thinking with Nature - UrbanByNature Regional Hubs: sharing knowledge on nature-based solutions with the world

Thinking with Nature - The Economic Impact of Nature Based Solutions

Building with Nature - Exploring the role of technology in upscaling Nature Based Solution

Living with Nature - Keynote: Drinkable Rivers as a compass for the 21st century

Reflexive Monitoring: Feedback and Review

Day 2 - Friday 29th April Streamed sessions

Thinking with Nature - Keynote: Plural values and the socio-politics of Nature Based Solutions

Building with Nature - Keynote: No nature-based solutions without Wetopia

Building with Nature - Leveraging Nature Based Solutions to stimulate entrepreneurship and job creation

Nature for health and well-being | Green Care

Building with Nature - Exploring the environmental impacts of nature-based solutions

Thinking with Nature - Keynote: Nature-based solutions: the urban innovation opportunities and challenges ahead

Building with Nature - Design and development for nature based solutions

Living with Nature - Sharing experiences in allotment gardening to create social impact

Actions for research and innovation