TreeTect by Green City Watch is a new breed of tree inventory. Most cities still lack a tree inventory, the foundation to effective urban forestry, due to inadequate low-fi solutions, diminishing budgets, and reliance on inaccurate and outdated data. TreeTect is a free, open-source software to create AI-enabled tree inventories; an inventory that is as dynamic as the trees themselves.

Green City Watch’s mission is to revolutionize the way we value nature, bring transparency to local government, and regenerate our cities. We also believe in open data and mobilizing science into the public realm. To get there faster and cheaper than ever before, we are releasing our workflow to detect urban tree locations via Github. Using our repository you can install the workflow in your own AWS environment. The code is made to run in AWS lambda and will allow you to optimize the tree detection algorithm for any area.

We are thrilled to welcome contributions from developers and organizations worldwide to provide cities and citizens with a better overview of their tree inventory. Together, we can map more trees in more cities and develop the technology to identify a host of other features, like species identification, and empower tree managers to "take nature online". If you are a city or region who wants to map the trees in your area, please contact us directly for more information.

Contact person: 
Nadina Galle