Progressive business leaders now realise that considering nature makes sense for competitive advantage and sustainable growth - there are real and material risks associated with nature’s decline.

Nature-based solutions - working with nature to address societal challenges - can help prevent the worst impacts of climate change, as well as preventing biodiversity and ecosystem loss. Examples of nature based solutions include restoring and protecting forests and wetlands in catchments, bringing nature into cities and coastal habitat restoration. These types of solutions could lift a billion people out of poverty, create 80 million jobs, add an additional $2.3 trillion of growth to the global economy, and prevent $3.7 trillion of climate change damage.

So what steps can businesses take to achieve a nature positive future?

Join us at this virtual event on 20th October 2021, to explore the opportunities for applying nature-based solutions to businesses, cities and communities. We will be discussing these topics and more:

- What are nature based solutions and why should business adopt them as part of their journey to net zero carbon? 
- How to incorporate nature based solutions into business decision-making
- How can businesses ensure they are investing in high quality, nature based projects?
- Is offsetting useful for creating a nature positive future?

Expect lively debate, a window into the future, and the chance to network with like-minded business leaders and changemakers.

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