17 September 2021
Bí URBAN has been funded by the Local Area Water Programme to develop a nature-based solution for urban runoff. The NatureRx Rain Garden Pilot will slow down the flow of rainwater using a simple community-based intervention. By diverting urban rainwater from residential rooftops into purpose built rain gardens we will diminish the overflow into storm drains that leads to the pollution of our water-courses.

As with all nature based solutions this project has been designed to address multiple urban issues. In addition to diverting rainwater these purpose built gardens will:

  • Create green spaces in otherwise sterile cement yards, increasing levels of well-being

  • Provide a connection to nature and horticultural opportunities for participants.

  • Increase habitat for urban pollinators and wildlife.

  • Act as a carbon sink

This pilot will be used to create a template and collect the data necessary to scale up the project and make a significant impact on water management in the city while creating enhanced levels of biodiversity and livability.

We believe our Rain Garden Pilot project will demonstrate that collective citizen-lead climate action can have a significant impact on urban problems and that creative partnerships with nature will lead our cities toward a healthier, greener and more sustainable future.


Built to fit neatly into available space adjacent to a downpipe, these planters harvest rain water and filter it through a purpose built garden to diminish urban run off. Plants which adapt to both dry and damp periods are selected in order to create a self sustaining, maintenance free growing space.

If an extreme downpour takes place, an overflow pipe allows excess water to leave the planter, preventing flooding of plants & soil.

Find out more about the project or learn how to build your own raingarden planter here